PretzCon is a game convention open to public for anyone and everyone to come hang out and play games all weekend long! Come and play your favorite classic games or try out a new game you've never played before.
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See you there! Come and have lots of fun. Games will be played!

Latest News:

Gaming at OSFest 7

You’ll find the friendly faces of PretzCon running games all weekend at OSFest’s gaming room August 1-3, 2014. Find out more about OSFest at http://www.osfes.org/. See you there!

4014 is history!

PretzCon 2014 is over and done with. We had a lot of fun and are already hard at work on next year’s con. A huge thank you to all our game masters and everyone else who made playing board games all weekend even more fun than playing board games all weekend!
See you next year for PretzCon 2015 – “5 Star Gaming” … what could that mean!? Just you wait and see!

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the other conventions and cafes in town to get your gaming fix!

Precon lock down

One week before PretzCon 2014, the website will be locked down so we can get everything ready. You can register online and sign up for games online until Friday March 28th. After that you’ll have to do it in person at the convention, which, of course, is a perfectly fine option!
See you at the Con!

Beware the ides of march!

March 15th is the last day to add games to the schedule to get them into onsite printed con book.

March 15th is also the last day to preregister at the discounted rate.

So save some money and make sure your games get picked up by the con book!

Games will be played

As games start getting added to the schedule, you can also now sign up for games you want to play in. Just expand a game on the schedule for details and options.

2014 Game Schedule

The new schedule is now up and live. So you can start adding the games you want to run!

Beware the ides of March…

It may seem like far away now, but before you know it, it will be March 15th, the last day to get a discount on pre-registration. You can also reserve a T-shirt so you don’t have to worry about us running out of your size at the convention.

Meanwhile on planet Earth…

PretzCon 2014 will be at the Cherry Hills Event Center, at I-680 & Blair High Rd. This is different than our original plan to be at the same place as 2013, but hopefully a move for the better.

The schedule is live

The schedule for PretzCon 2013 is up and running. As always, it starts empty, but before you know it, the schedule is full of great games to play. You can even add your own games you want to run or sign up to play someone else’s game, saving yourself a spot.

Prereg for 2013

Preregistration for PretzCon 2013 is now up! Save 25% by registering before March 15th.

Thanks for the input

Thank you to everyone that filled out a survey at the last convention. We received a lot of valuable input so that we can improve and create the best gaming experience possible.

New Location for 2013

PretzCon 2013 will be a new, nicer and bigger location. We’re moving to the Comfort Inn & Suites at 72nd & Grover in Omaha, Nebraska!

PretzCon dates going forward

From now on PretzCon will be the first full non-holiday weekend in April. So now everyone can predict when PretzCon will be each year

2012 Complete

PretzCON 2012 was an absolute blast, see you next year!

Until then check out the other great conventions in the area listed on the bottom left on this page.

Local Interview

Ryan and Richelle got interviewed on a local news program. Check it out on You tube.

Kniziathon Games Decided

The six games of the Kniziathon have been determined:

Dragon Parade

Ra: The Dice Game





So now you can go practice if you want to get a head’s up on the competition!

PretzCON Commercial

Brandon Pretz made a commercial for PretzCON, check it out on YouTube!

The man with 1,500 board games

PretzCON welcomes local guest of honor, Kaleb Michaud, the man with 1,500 board games as seen in the Omaha World-Herald. Come meet and play games with Kaleb. And we’ll have a fun contest. See if you can bring a game to PretzCON that he doesn’t own!


On the schedule there are now events named “Volunteer” that you can sign up for just like signing up to play a game. This was actually a highly requested option — aren’t gamers awesome! A big thank you to everyone that volunteers to help make PretzCON run smoothly.

Paypal Fixed

For anyone that was having problems with the Paypal system for preregistering, it has been fixed and you can now use Paypal to register for the convention.

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